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Interviews from the U.K Twilight premiere

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In an update to my previous newspost, the interview transcripts from the U.K Twilight premiere have been completed and to view the answers from both Dev Patel from the hit television programme Skins and Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, simply press the "Read More" button below:


TDS: We are here with Dev Patel (Anwar Kharral) from Skins. Did you expect there to be this much commotion over this movie?

DP: I was actually out here shopping four hours ago and I could see people out here like gathering here and I was like ‘woah this is big’ so I am excited to be here. Listen to that *chants from crowd* Wow, there he is, he’s there *sees Robert Patterson*

TDS: Are you looking forward to seeing the movie?

DP: I so badly want to see it. I haven’t read the books but it seems great so I can’t wait.


TDS: Hello Catherine, how are you?

CH: I’m good, I’m good.

TDS: You must be excited to see the movie come this far.

CH: It’s pretty crazy to see all this, yes.

TDS: Also, it has been reported that Twilight has had the biggest opening weekend for a female director. How does that feel?

CH: It feels awesome. It feels like we are breaking down boundaries. Obama got elected; females are getting more powerful so hopefully all minorities will break through.

TDS: You must be quite worried as the film was originally a book and you were asked to depict how you think it should look. Were you worried that you would upset the author?

CH: Well I worked with the writer, so she definitely was very involved with it and she is even in the movie, so she was supportive of it. I want everyone out there to like it too.

TDS: So what made you choose British actor Robert Patterson to be the main character, a vampire?

CH: I’ve seen quite a few vampires around here tonight… We couldn’t find the perfect person that had that other worldly quality, that looked like he had been alive for 109 years and all that intensity and torture and really when Robert came in to audition with Kristen on my bed, the kissing scene, you could just feel the magic, the sexual tension – it came alive.

TDS: The last Harry Potter book - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - is being split into two films due to the book's large size; do you think that the last book in the Twilight Series - Breaking Dawn - should be split into two films as well? Would you like that?

CH: Well that’s all getting figured out as we speak.

Furthermore, footage from the event can be seen courtesy of our friends at by clicking here.

An image of me at the premiere can be seen by clicking here, while my press pass can be seen by clicking here.

Lastly, photographs from the event can be seen by clicking here.


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