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UK Deathly Hallows - Part 1 press junket recap

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Our UK correspondent, Alex Porter, attended the London press junket for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1.

In attendance were Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, producers David Heyman and David Barron 

You can read her report under the cut!

FYI: We'll update with video footage from the UK premiere soon, so stay tuned!

"I would never have stuffed nimbus' up my trousers. We joked about stuffing Dan in a car boot and saying we stole Harry." TomFelton

"Voldemort is a rubbish house guest - he doesn't do the dishes! Draco walks about in a black suit, dressed for a funeral." TomFelton

"I don't know what my hair colour is anymore. Even my eyebrows have been dyed!" TomFelton

"Dan started as a child and quickly started talking like a 40 year old philosopher." TomFelton

"Meeting Jade is my fondest memory of working on the films." TomFelton

"By film 4 we had a feeling we'd do them all." Heyman

"I expect if @jk_rowling writes about HP again, it'll be to expand the world i.e. Monster book of monsters." Heyman

"We've just started editing part 2." Barron

"We're confident we can deliver part 2 in 3D." Barron

"Part 1 will be released in Blu-ray 3D." Heyman

"There's a tangible difference in the way the kids work when they come back from other projects or school." Barron

"The last shot was the trio escaping the Ministry. Then we all blubbed." Heyman

"We did ask John Williams to return for part 2 but his schedule wouldn't allow it." Heyman

"He did try to work his schedule around but it just wouldn't work." Heyman

The production trio refer to themselves as The Davids!

"The battle at hogwarts is inter-cut with Harry's horcrux search." Yates jokes that Dan was on the edge of hypothermia shooting on location in Pembrokeshire.

Harry and Hermione's dance was choreographed originally but then it was made more like goofing around, clumsy and awkward. It's a scene people either love or hate.

Shadow puppets were used as inspiration to create the Tale of Three Brothers sequence.

Dan saw a sign last night that said "Harry, I'm pregnant." He's confident it isn't his. Dan once asked directions in New York from an ambulance driver who recognized him from Equus rather than HP. "There are scenes in Potter that cost more than the entire Woman in Black budget."

The epilogue is being re-shot at Leavesden Studios.

Rupert and Emma served ice cream from his van on the last day. Ron Weasley's costumes are more expensive than they look. Rupert has a bubble car. "It was frightening to think we had the power to close down Picadilly to shoot a sequence that lasts a second."

Rupert is pleased with the love he gets from the Ginger Community. People come up and shake his hand in the street to thank him for being ginger.

Rupert bought Dan and Emma trumpets as a parting gift. Dan got a still with his foot crushing Rupert and gave it to him. Emma got him a diary. He engraved messages on the trumpets. He once got Emma a signed photo of Trevor Macdonald for her birthday.

Emma didn't tell anyone before she got her hair cut. She took pictures of Mia Farrow to the hairdresser. Her dad told her not to get carried away.

Shooting the epilogue at Kings Cross was stressful. They needed more time. It is being re-done at Leavesden.

Emma has just done a fair trade range with Alberto Ferreti. The name of the range will be revealed soon. Very classic French. Organic. Emma will work for free with anyone willing to do fair trade. That's why Emma wore vintage last night - "it's important you know where your clothes come from." She finds it alarming no-one questions where mass produced products come from. More than anything she wants to spread awareness.

Emma got to keep the cloak, wand and time-turner.

"Dan's been saying I pounced on him, that I'm an animal," re; the kiss with him. Emma Watson

"I was very cynical and dubious about the DH split but was won over with the idea." Emma Watson

"Being cold and wet on set was miserable and I was in tears some days but it works well." Emma Watson

The on-set photographer has pictures of Emma Watson sleeping in various places - she can sleep anywhere.

Emma wants to experiment with supporting roles and theatre.




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