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Review: Inside the Mind of Leonardo in 3D

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Inside the Mind of Leonardo in 3D poster 

Review by Darrin

Flash Review: The more you're into Leonardo da Vinci, the more you'll enjoy this movie. It starts out slowly, but let it wash over you. There's some real insight into the artist to be gained here.

As the movie opens, Inside the Mind of Leonardo in 3D (from Submarine Deluxe and History Films) sets a deliberately measured pace. The almost lethargic pan and zoom motion, coupled with some exceptionally ultra-slow motion filming, feel almost physical in their effort to force viewers to shake off their text-messaging, Internet-surfing workaday pace and re-tune to a more contemplative tempo, appropriate for a late 15th- to early 16th-century lifestyle. This is not an action film - it's an exploration of one of the most unique and inventive minds in history. 

Co-writer/director Julian Jones uses da Vinci's original journal entries and drawings to provide deeper insight into the artist's life and talents. With Peter Capaldi's superb acting skills breathing life into da Vinci's written words, we're given compelling insight into da Vinci's thoughts and emotions, and the passions that drove his work.

Beautiful visuals - almost certainly enhanced by 3D viewing - supported by Capaldi's masterful portrayal and an outstanding score from Akido, transform this film into an 80-minute journey into history that's well worth taking.

My final take (Full Price vs Matinee vs Wait & Rent vs Skip It): Full Price. Slow down and enjoy something that will stimulate your mind more than your ear drums for a change. 

Inside the Mind of Leonardo in 3D is now open in theaters in Los Angeles and New York, with a wider release to follow. 

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