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Review: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F

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Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F theater poster 


My inner child is bursting with joy even before watching the much anticipated Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. I was only expecting to receive a screener copy of the movie, but to my surprise, I was bestowed with a Golden Frieza Pop Vinyl, two cell phone charms of Goku and Frieza, a T-shirt and, last but not least, a four-star Dragonball stress ball! But enough about toys. 

DBZ:RF barrages you with nostalgia as you see familiar characters once again find the responsibility of saving the world sitting in their laps. Although I was excited to see what the movie entailed, I found myself slightly disappointed because they didn't choose to have cameos of some of my favorite characters. Regardless, this movie is quite entertaining and if you are a hardcore DBZ fan, it won't disappoint; there aren't any power up fillers that take up half the movie.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F is playing in limited release now through Wednesday, Aug. 12. Find a theater near you. 



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