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Review: LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack

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I spent the last few Sunday afternoons playing with the LEGO Harry Potter Dimensions Team Pack on my WiiU. Here's how it went:

The first step is assembling the Starter Pack goodies. The Starter Pack is required in order to play with any of the other Packs in the LEGO Dimensions series. The first thing I noticed on the Starter Pack box was the phrase "internet connection required," so I set my Wii-U for Wi-Fi, and then began unpacking. I built LEGO minifigures of Gandalf, Batman and Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie.

After 10 frustrating minutes of trying to wrestle Batman and Gandalf into their respective capes, I finally gave up and searched YouTube for a tutorial — quick shoutout to Folfox Channel for the help!) 

I was now ready to start playing the game. It begins with a video voiced by none other than Gary Oldman (aka Sirius Black). He plays an evil character called Lord Vortech who wants to bend time and space to merge all universes into one by finding 12 foundation elements such as kryptonite, the one ring, the ruby slippers, etc. Gandalf, Batman and Wyldstyle are the three main characters attempting to stop him as he searches the various adventure worlds for the elements. But how do they travel around? Why, a Gateway portal, of course.

Gateway from LEGO Dimensions 

It was a 28-step build for this Gateway. Isn’t she a beauty?

Once you start gallivanting around the various adventure worlds, you get to build minifigs of Harry and Voldemort and add them to the mix by placing them on the Gateway. This time I had no trouble putting Voldie into his cape. Isn’t he handsome?

LEGO Voldemort minifigure 

Cool tidbit: Harry is voiced by Dan Radcliffe – albeit via audio clips from the Harry Potter films. Harry has the power to fly on his broom, cast magical spells such as Lumos and Wingardium Leviosa, and destroy silver LEGO bricks, while Voldemort can fly (sans broom), open doors with parseltongue (as can Harry, by the way), cast spells and use mind control. In the virtual wizarding world, you can visit Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, where you can visit the LEGO Weasley twins in their shop. But the real fun of this game is that all the different minifigs can be used in any world. Admittedly, I had a great time making Harry drive the Batmobile through the Land of Oz.

The basic idea of the game is to destroy everything in sight in order to earn “studs” that you can later “spend.” You can also earn golden bricks by doing optional quests.

During the game, you also get to build the Hogwarts Express, Enchanted Car (aka the Weasleys’ Ford Anglia) and Batmobile, which each have their own powers. The Hogwarts Express has Sonar Smash and the Enchanted Car can fly, of course. You can also spend the “studs” you collect throughout the game to rebuild, or upgrade, the vehicles, giving them even more powers such as Soaring Steam (flying) for the Hogwarts Express, and Shark Sub (going underwater) and destroying gold LEGO bricks for the Enchanted Car, among other powers.

Enchanted Car Shark Sub and Hogwarts Express LEGO Dimensions

Hogwarts Express and Shark Sub rebuild of Enchanted Car

I’ll be playing this game for a long time to come. There are so many different worlds to explore and levels can be replayed to gain even more valuable studs (purple are worth more than blue, which are worth more than gold …). Studs and golden bricks can also be used to "rent" heroes with powers different from your minifigs for half a minute or so (just long enough to accomplish whatever task your own heroes can't do). You can also, of course, use real cash to purchase the physical minifigs that come in other Team Packs, Story Packs or Fun Packs, too, if you’d rather save your studs for upgrading vehicles.

You can purchase the Harry Potter Team Pack on Amazon. If you don't yet have the Starter Pack, you can purchase that on Amazon, as well.


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