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Evanna Lynch Challenges People's Image of Dairy Farming in Groundbreaking New VR Film

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From Animal Equality --

International animal advocacy organization Animal Equality released its latest iAnimal ( experience today, narrated by Evanna Lynch, best known for her role as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, which just celebrated its 20 year anniversary.

Harry Potter once said of Luna Lovegood that she has a "knack of speaking uncomfortable truths," and the same can certainly be said of actor and animal ally Evanna Lynch, who is opening peoples' eyes to the dark reality of dairy farming through her narration of the film.

Reacting to the iAnimal VR 360 experience, Evanna said: "I just wanted to make myself as small as possible, and I was thinking that must be how the animals feel — that they just want to hide, but there's not any corner of comfort or peace in any part of their lives."

She added: "It's so cruel and so horrific, and if you're spending a few dollars to support this — it's just not worth it. If you're actually paying to support this you should know where your money is going or you should take ownership of what you're doing. I think it's the passivity of most people that makes this OK, that makes it go on. And the fact that it's all behind closed walls."

iAnimal uses cutting-edge virtual reality technology to give viewers an immersive look at the life cycle of factory-farmed animals from birth to death. This latest project features brand new footage filmed by eight investigators in three countries over six months.

>>> Video of Evanna reacting to experiencing iAnimal
>>> Video of Evanna presenting iAnimal
>>> Images of Evanna and the VR film content
>>> iAnimal website

Jose Valle, Animal Equality's Co-founder and Director of Investigations, said: "Experiencing iAnimal can be just as haunting and life changing for people as visiting any of the 120 factory farms and slaughterhouses I have investigated throughout the globe."

He added: "Animal Equality is grateful to Evanna for giving voice to the billions of animals that suffer and die on factory farms each year and educating people on the dark reality of dairy farming. iAnimal is the closest you can get to experiencing how animals raised for food are treated on factory farms and in slaughterhouses worldwide. If you care about animals, the environment, or where your food comes from, you'll want to see this."



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